Cafe E3000( 3Kw Electric Motorcycle, 72V100Ah lithium battery)



1. Fully automatic transmission, 3Kw Motor 

2. Invert shock abosorber

3. Front disk brake
and rear disk brakes with CBS

Cafe E3000(72V/100Ah Lithium Battery)


items Description
Motor type 3000W, Center Motor, Brushness
Battery 72V/100Ah Lithium Battery, charging time 12 hours
Transmission Fully Automatic transmission
Running distance About 200Km per charge
Dimenmions(LxWxH) 1,920 x 850 x 1,085 mm
Max load 2 Persons
Top Speed 100 Km/h
Brake Mode Fr. disk, Re. disk with CBS
Tyre Model 120/80-17, 120/80-17

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