ATV/UTV/Go Cart Motorcycle

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XA 125

classic ATV for kids, fully automatic transmission

XA 125H

7 inch tire or 8 inch tire, 125cc engine

XA 125B

for Kids, 125cc fully automatic transmission

X 200UTV

Sport UTV, 200cc engine, LED lights

X 450UTV

4WD drive, front and rear disk brakes, 10' LCD screen

XC 200GK-6A

Fully automatic, 4-seat Go cart

Jeep 150

125cc/150cc Jeep for Kids

Vintage car 150

125cc/150cc Vintage car for Kids

XA 110

110cc fully automatic ATV for Kids

Bull 200

200cc Fully automatic engine

Saki 200

200cc Fully automatic engine

Xcross Motorcycle

We are a medium-sized motorcycle factory in China.

Special in dirt bike, street motorcycle...... 

We have a professional team with 11 years experience in designing, producing, testing motorcycle. 

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