CUB Motorcycle

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EAG 125

classic motorcycle, 13 inch or 17 inch tyres

X-Wind 110

classic CUB motorcycle, 13 inch or 17 inch tires

XC 50D

Classic moped motorcycle

Asia 110F

Classic cub motorcycle, 110cc

Asia 110W

110cc or 125cc engine

Future 110

Popular 110cc CUB motorcycle

Tai 110

110cc or 125cc engine

Tai 125N

125cc engine

XRude 125

13 inch tyre

XC 110T

110cc or 125cc engine

X-Rude 110Y

110cc or 125cc engine

DR 110F

110cc or 125cc engine

City 125

New CUB Motorcycle CC110

City 125A



110cc/125cc engine

Xcross Motorcycle

We are a medium-sized motorcycle factory in China.

Special in dirt bike, street motorcycle...... 

We have a professional team with 11 years experience in designing, producing, testing motorcycle. 

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