Street Motorcycle

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MSX 150T(NAVI 110)

Most popular in 2023, fully CVT automatic

Runner 250

new cafe motorcycle, 2023 released

Fly 200

Most popular since 2016

XCR 250W

Most popular since 2006, 300cc balance engine, oil cooled

MSX 125M

Most popular in 2019

MSX 125N

Most popular in 2018

MSX 125

Most popular in 2016


Most popular in 2020


Most popular in 2020


classic motorcycle, hot sales in Ukrain

MSX 125E

New design in 2022, front and rear disk brakes

Shine 250R (CBR300)

Invert shock, Loncin RE250, 6 gears engine

Fly 250Re

with Loncin RE250 balance engine, 6-gear

MSX 125Auto

Fully Automatic Transmission, GY6 CVT engine

MSX 125N Auto

Fully Automatic, GY6 CVT engine

T-tiger 200

150cc/200cc/250cc engine, double mufflers

XCR 250W Sidecar

300cc engine is optional



Cafe 150

Lifan NBF150 water cooled engine, EFI

NBF 150

Lifan NBF150 water cooled engine, EFI

Wolf 125

110cc/125cc/135cc/150cc engine

Xcross Motorcycle

We are a medium-sized motorcycle factory in China.

Special in dirt bike, street motorcycle...... 

We have a professional team with 11 years experience in designing, producing, testing motorcycle. 

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