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Safe driving

Necessary equipment:
Must be with the safety standards of national requirements of the helmet, the size of helmet must fit with the head. While driving to fasten tape, if helmet mask with  scars will cause random reflection of light, thus impeding the line of sight, do not use. The light of sunset will  affect the, do not use mask. In addition, damage to the helmet for reasons such as turning fall Please do not use.
Choose flexibility, not hinder the operation, the appropriate size and hands, wear leather gloves.
Try to choose a brightly colored clothing, to prevent the event, please do not wear flip-flops, select high shoes.
Wet weather clothing
Choose a waterproof, fastening body raincoat, contact done the best waterproofing. Furthermore, we need to make the others easy to see yourself, so try to choose bright, eye-catching colors.
Gloves / knee
Winter hands and feet cold easily, select materials, operability, warm and products.
Safe driving rules
1, pre-departure preparation
Check brakes, tires, batteries, engines, headlights and direction indicators, daily check in every day riding once.
2 confirm the surrounding environment, and slowly start
From riding the road ahead left and right sides on a motorcycle will want to start your rear for confirmation, and use the turn signal to signal that it is safe, slowly increase the throttle to start the vehicle.
3, driving on a dirt road gravel should?
Motorcycle driving on the dirt road you want to slow down in advance, grip the handlebars, do not use the emergency brake, in particular, do not use the front brake alone, so as not to cause slipping accidents.
4, why drink driving accidents?
Drinking and driving a motor vehicle is a major cause of traffic accident, drunk driving is not only vulnerable to traffic accidents, and accident consequences are very serious. Human nerve stimulation and paralysis after drinking even small amount of alcohol is absolutely not to drive.
5, driving at night, pay attention to?
Night driving speed should be lower than during the day, and as close as possible to the middle of the road right heading, distance between vehicles traveling at night for more than 50 meters. Should be able to skillfully transform the lighting and the right to judge road conditions, and essentially beyond the light traveling. Found the opposite to reduce speed of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, and switch to low beam lights, the lights of the other vehicle dizziness, should immediately pull over driving, if necessary, take the initiative to stop and yield.
6, we should note that sprang of people, goods and vehicles
The shadow of the stationary vehicle in the between blockage car, buildings, roadside trees, and many do not see the place, sometimes suddenly sprang cars, pedestrians. In this case, pay attention to the comprehensive observation, have patience, speed reduced to confirm safety and then through. In addition, the motorcycle is relatively small, will be the misconception that speed is lower than the actual aware of your surroundings, maintain a safe space.
7, why the driver should pay particular attention to warm, frost?
Person's body temperature is very close to the human nervous system functions, safety accidents caused due to improper warm. In northern China, winter temperatures are generally in the range of minus 20 degrees to minus 10 degrees, so the motorcycle driver must pay attention to the warm antifreeze.
8, the heavy fog how safe driving?
With fog, according to the line of sight appropriate to reduce the speed, open the front and rear lights (Night lights), moving along the right side of the driving, but do not step aside too close to avoid a collision with roadside pedestrians or other obstacles.


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