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Motorcycle use and maintenance guide

User Guide
New car running mileage 1000KM in accordance with the requirements of the manual adjustments, and extending its life, which would be:
1, to control the speed.
2, the control load, should control the load of less than 2/3 of the maximum load.
3, the control of travel time, and after 0.5 hours of each exercise should be allowed to turn off the engine to cool for 10 minutes.
4, Frequently changes the oil, it is recommended that the run-in period each exercise 300KM replacement once oil.

Maintenance guide
In order to maintain the quality of the exercised by vehicles, should be cleaned regularly to check for damage and oil spills.
1, Requires a lot of clean water, clean the whole car washing, cleaning, electrical switches, gauges, mufflers export.
2, Dry motorcycle, start the engine and let it warm a few minutes.
3, lubricating the drive chain, and do on the road before the braking test, allowed to return to a normal state.
NOTE: After cleaning, the braking performance of motorcycles decreased.


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